Technical Information


Yes, I still shoot film, and actually prefer it for my personal work. Why? Because of its archival properties. I never have to worry about scratching a disk or transferring images to the latest media type; film is silver, and will last long after I am gone. I may lose a scan because of a hard drive crash, but I will never lose an image. For years now I have prefered Ilford HP5+ and use that for my 8x10 inch work, as well as, any roll film work that I do.

All my film is processed by hand using a variety of developers, including Rodinal and Pyro. Currently however, I have settled on Kodak X-TOL and will continue to use it until unavailable.


My photographic equipment has ranged through the years from 35mm to an 8x10 inch view camera. A few years ago I decided on just a few formats and am now shooting with a large format Canham 8x10 field camera, and sometimes utilize a 5x7 inch reducing back. I also shot with a Mamiya 6MF and a Holga 120 and I have plans to expand my vision by using a Canham 6x17 panoramic back on the view camera. But all in good time.


All images have been printed by me the artist; I have never outsourced any of my printing to commercial labs. Silver Gelatin prints have been printed on a variety of papers using various developers and toners. As the shift to digital photography continues, manufacturers are forced to reduce traditional photographic products, which is why I have used a variety of papers, developers and toners. Platinum/Palladium prints are all coated by hand and utilize standard chemistry and archival paper.

Most of my prints these days are Archival Pigment Prints. These prints have been created using archival Epson K3 pigmented inks, printed mainly on acid free Hahnemuehle paper and using Quadtone RIP software. All images are coated with a UV protective spray, this helps to eliminate harmful UV light rays, as well as, guards against scratches and finger prints on the surface of the image.

My images vary in size depending on the original negative and process in which they were printed. Works range in size from 4x5 inches to 12x12 inches, with the most common sizes currently being 10x10 inches and 10x12.5 inches.

If you have any questions concerning any image or any specific request, I encourage you to please contact me.

Thanks for your interest in my images.

Platinum Print on Japanese Kozo Paper in process

Platinum Print on Japanese Kozo Paper in process